Thursday, October 14, 2010


Delicate, detailed, feminine. Those are the three words that fashion editors have unanimously agreed describes Erdem, the namesake collection of designer Erdem Moralioğlu. In his early twenties he secured an internship with Vivienne Westwood, later worked with Diane Von Furstenberg, and then in 2000 moved to London to forge his own label. His reputation for creating beautiful, feminine, and wearable pieces spread like fire, and he soon developed a devoted following that includes the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie, Claudia Schiffer, and the much adored Chloë Sevigny.

In his Spring 2011 RTW collection, Erdem gave a reassuring nod to his fan base - he stuck with what he does best. I encourage you to check out the entire collection here. The pieces are so carefully crafted, it makes me smile to think a team of designers diligently created these lace-heavy pieces. During fashion week many designers made their voices heard on the feminine vs. masculine debate, opting for the further exaggerated boyfriend look and practical, floor-sweeping skirts. In a season of the practical it was refreshing to see Erdem indulge in lace, flowers, and classic pretty.
Photos Credit:  VOGUE

I have to admit, some of the pieces are way too loud for me, I can only adorn so much lace before feeling Lolita-esque. But I have to admire the craftsmanship, and so many of the pieces are just so darn cute.


Casee Marie said...

Pretty! I love the bold pattern in the sixth picture especially.

Shasha said...

YEAH...why do women try to imitate men so much, even in fashion?! PSH

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