Thursday, November 4, 2010

Video: Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint


The funnyman smokes a joint on Bill Maher's show. There's still chatter on whether it was real or not, but to me it's irrelevant - the stunt was awesome and the audience loved it. Bill O'Reilly discussed this incident on his show on the dreadful FOX News Channel, bringing on Margaret Hoover who is the woman who first takes the joint from Zach in the video. She a FOX News contributor and one of the O'Reilly Factor's "Cultural Warriors." O'Reilly practically scolds her on the air like she's a child who doesn't know any better. It's quite bothersome the way he reprimands her, it's just kind of off-putting. I'll try to dig up that video too. For now, check out the video from Maher's show!

UPDATE: Real Time with Bill Maher is taped in Los Angeles, California, where of course medicinal marijuana is legal. Or perhaps the joint is a fake. Or perhaps he recreationally smokes weed despite its illegality - not that novel on the left coast. Regardless, perhaps this should be viewed as an outrageous stunt - targeting a very specific audience - as a means to send a political message, and not a a deplorable action that calls for chastising. The media's scare tactics and fondling of soft news are serious issues enough, let's not add a comedian smoking on Bill Maher's show to the list of problems.

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