Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't come here for the pot

Image from TIME
I came across a TIMEs article today, Court to Pot Tourists: Get Your Weed at Home.
The European Court of Justice has ruled that Dutch authorities can ban coffee shops from selling marijuana to foreigners.

Supposedly it became common for pot lovers from Belgium and Germany to make the trip to Holland for a few tokes. The Netherlands is lovingly known for its liberal marijuana policies, and what a better way to spend your free night than hopping on a train to your neighboring country and smoking a few bowls? Well, it seems like such ventures may soon be squashed, as the Court has ruled that coffee shops can easily ban the sale of weed to foreigners. Read the entire article here.

A perfect example of making things unecessarily complicated and difficult. Like government red tape. And every time I call the IRS.

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