Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mary Jane Review: INGRID

Type: Indica
Purchased: Eighth
Instrument: Pipe

Texture: It looks puffy and light, but it's pretty dense and has a sticky quality to it. You have to tug a little to tear it up.

Looks: Almost neon-green leaves (some are narrow-width and long, which are amongst slightly thicker kernels). Yellow haze scatterings and silvery fur everywhere!

Smell: It reminds me of a bright and sunny summer afternoon. It's FRESH!

Taste: Very distinct, yummy, but unknown...there is definitely a taste, and I'm thinking of the most adequate way to describe it. Maybe a hint of lemon, and something more smoky.

Buzz: AMAZING. It's quick, strong, and it's steady. It really leaves you to do whatever you want. You can completely relax, doze off, ponder over the complex nature of the universe, or engage in an activity (an activity that would most likely be intellectually and cognitively based rather than physically based). I would say it is an overall strong head and body high.

Buzz Length: One bowl= 1.5 hours (i'm kind of a light smoker)

Grade: A

(this is my first review, any recommendations? the photos are not best quality, but i'll work on that).

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