Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pineapple express

my favorite movie of all-time: Lost in Translation. it's a hypnotic movie that never let's you sit back in ease; there is always a heavy weight crushing the air, questions are left unanswered and characters are too lost in their own heads to really get to know. so when i'm not in the mood to drain all my energy for a movie, i go to my other favorite movie of all-time: Pineapple Express. i know you've all seen it, do you love it? i actually hate stoner films, but this one is so endearing, freakin' hilarious, and the chemistry between Rogen and Franco alone is enough to make this movie an epic experience.
the beauty of this film is largely due to the director, David Gorden Green, who was able to make something really, really special out of a hilarious script centered on weed culture. the screen shot above catches the two characters in the midst of running away from death, but remembering to stop, smoke, and spend some time with nature.

enjoy the day.

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