Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mary Jane Review: SNOWCAP

Type: Sativa
Purchased: Eighth
Instrument: Bubbler and Pipe

Texture: There is definitely some moisture - not a lot, but there is a slightly sticky quality. Despite the way it looks, Snowcap is not bristly and it doesn't crumble apart. It's light in your fingers but not delicate.

Looks: A dark, rich, olive green with brown-yellow scatterings.

Smell: Minty, slightly refreshing, and distinct. It's very good, I just want to keep on smelling it!

Taste: It tastes like you are breathing in rusty mint - if tastes exactly like it smells.

Buzz: It hits you fast, and it hits you hard. It's fantastic because you are able to completely focus on a given task and not be easily distracted. Snowcap is a Sativa (head-high) so you will definitely feel a little boost, your brain will get a pick-me-up. But it won't lead you to just be jumpy or obnoxiously loud and funny. Whatever task you pick, you approach with a warm energy.

Buzz Length: 1-1.5 hours (it lasted this long despite the fact that I packed the smallest bowl)

Grade: A+

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