Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mary Jane: the Two Types

Marijuana comes in two basic types: Indica and Sativa. In terms of effect, the easiest way to differentiate the two is this:

Indica = Body High
Sativa = Head High

Head Highs (Cerebral High) are more appropriate for watching a good movie, talking and laughing with friends, or doing just about any activity. if i'm going to meet my bestfriendsintheworld for drinks, i might take a small hit before going. at least for me, it's a lovely, benign , safe way to begin the night on a good note.

A head high has also been seen to flood the brain with thoughts - forget what people say about stoners being stupid and out of it. a good head high could have you talking about the most complex subjects while articulating yourself really well. Also, I find that often times I think of things, or I consider things, from a different perspective than I normally would. It's like I get to experience the world slightly shifted than usual. I feel meta-aware.

Oh, and sometimes it's fantstic for writing, I get great ideas.

Body Highs are more fun when you want to unwind. The best comparison I can think of is my grandpa drinking one beer, sometimes two, on those nights his work shift was particularly long and rough. or, i have dozens of prettysororitygirls has friends who drink one glass of red wine about every night. Weed is just another way for some people to unwind. And depending on how much you smoke, just like how much you drink, you are in complete control as to how much you "unwind."

Good times for Indica:
* After a large meal
* Slowing your brain down after work
* Good for anxiety
* Good for movie watching
*Getting into your sweats and reading [insert your favorite book]

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