Thursday, September 9, 2010

The History of Weed (in 2 minutes)

the baked life is one of those blogs i make sure to check out everyday. its latest post features a video that i saw awhile ago but didn't even think of to share - i have no idea why because it is amazing. i'm so glad i was reminded of it. the video, which tells the history of weed in 2-minutes, is made beautifully by the people behind Showtime's hit show Weeds.

as you will see in the video, weed was first known to exist in 2727 B.C. in China, where marijuana was used as medicine. the video does a fantastic job demonstrating the strong presence of weed throughout the history of freakin' mankind. from this perspective, the current fear and paranoia surrounding weed, and of course the legislation outlawing it, is completely out of line with history. it is as if we are bored, and we are picking random battles to fight - battles keep people busy, and people always want to be busy. and of course, a war on marijuana conveniently distracts people from more pertinent issues.

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