Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mary Jane Review: LAMB'S BREAD

Type: Sativa
Purchased: Eighth
Instrument: Pipe

Texture: Dense and moist – simple as it should be.

Looks: It is a very rich rusty green, slightly lighter than my favorite forest green crayon. This is mixed with beautiful dark orange trichomes that are quite longer than most strains I am familiar with (as in smoked before).

Smell: Sweet with a bit of a ting. I absolutely love it – in the words of Seth Rogen from Pineapple Express, I want to shove it in my nose and have that smell all day. The best descriptor I can think of is clean- it smells wonderfully clean and sweet with a bit of a ting.

Taste: It left me the impression that it was a bit bitter (in the most casual use of the word). But it was a smooth taste, it filled my mouth.

Buzz: After my first hit I felt warm and fuzzy and cuddly – I felt like I am hugging a stuffed bear. But perhaps that’s because I was wearing a super comfortable sweater (scrunched shoulder black-v-neck from H&M). Regardless, it’s a great feel-good high. After a bit of time passed and I had a few more hits, I simply felt well and alive, alert and ready to go. The strain also involves a bit of that body high effect. It manifests at the end and it brings you down to a smooth landing.

Buzz Length: 50 minutes, mais ou menos (pretty small bowl)

Grade: A.

In general I prefer Indicas to Sativas (because medically I respond to Indicas more, and that smooth chillin’ out beats everything else). But this sativa will go on my pay-roll. Lamb’s Bread was made famous by Bob Marley, who made it well known that it was his favorite.

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