Monday, September 20, 2010

Mary Jane Review: SOUR GRAPE

Type: Indica
Purchased: Eighth
Where: Los Angeles
Instrument: Bubbler and Piece

Texture: Sour Grape is very, very dry. When I pick it up, it starts to crumble. It reminds of me of the infinite number of potpourri-filled mason jars decorating my mom’s house. 

Looks: Though this strain boasts more than a few hues of green, in general it is a very light, muted green. There are some leaves that almost look faded yellow, bordering on white. The stems are almost gray-white. It's a light, airy bud.

Smell: Lemon zest.

Taste: Fresh and slightly tangy - aftertaste is mildly bitter. Not my favorite, but the high makes up for it. 

Buzz: I really, really like the buzz from Sour Grape. If I didn’t know it was an Indica strain I would assume it was at least a hybrid. I feel comfortable, cheerful, and also perhaps a bit more energetic than I usually would with a pure Indica strain. Similar to how I’ve felt with most marijuana I’ve tried, I feel like I could easily engage in a variety of activities - I don’t feel foggy or lazy.

Buzz Length: I packed a small bowl (equivalent to around 4-5 hits for me) and felt the buzz for upwards of one hour.

Grade: A. The high is strong, but doesn’t leave me lost. I’ve got a firm grip on my surroundings and myself. I love that although the high allows me to be at ease, I still feel upbeat and mentally engaged. It’s like I’m physically calm but mentally alert. Another major plus is that I am able to get a lot of smoke per hit with Sour Grape. There is heavy smoke, but the smoke is very smooth - so no tingling in my throat or coughing.

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