Monday, October 4, 2010

Rolling Stone

PhotobucketObama graces the latest cover of Rolling Stone, which includes a fantastic marijuana feature. As a part of their annual Hot 100 list, Rolling Stone lists "Weed Science" as its Hot Drug. Writer Jesse Hyde profiles Steep Hill, an Oakland lab that tests marijuana strains. One of the founders Addison DeMoura says,
"We've added legitimacy and safety standards to the industry, which will help push things towards the inevitably of legalization."
I love that, the inevitably. Exactly. Also, Rolling Stone's Hot Destination is Nederland, Colorado also known as Stonerville, USA. It's a small town where weed is treated as a completely non-criminal activity. The only complaint smokers receive, according to Hyde, is to perhaps be a bit more discreet.

I'll try to scan the articles and will add them to this post. I noted earlier that this blog would remain strictly about weed, but I already see that I am incapable of isolating marijuana from other thoughts and interests. I guess I'm still figuring this thing out.

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