Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stiletto Stoners by Marie Claire

The following is the subheading for an article entitled Stiletto Stoners by Yael Kohen in Marie Claire:

They've got killer careers and enviable social lives. They're also major potheads. Why are so many smart, successful women lighting up in their off-hours?

It's just the beginning of an incredibly honest (and awesome) article on successful and talented women who also happen to smoke weed. The article attracted a lot of attention when it was published, as it forced people to recognize 1) that women definitely smoke, and 2) that smoking does not live up to its taboo-filled reputation. The article focuses on a woman who is a corporate attorney in Manhattan, who after putting in a 12-hour work day comes home to light up, sit back, and enjoy some R&R time.

There is an upsurge of people who seamlessly incorporate weed into a healthy and productive lifestyle, including myself. The author writes, "by all outward appearances, they are card-carrying, type A workaholics who just happen to prefer kicking back with a blunt instead of a bottle."

I'll stop rambling, the article speaks for itself. Pot Couture first led me to the article and I just had to pass it along. Check it out here.

story via marie claire, photo via le smoking.


Marla said...

Thank you for the article tip! I'm loving that some popular press that manages to reach more than the usual stoner crowd is getting the word out to more women that hey, it's okay to enjoy "kicking back with a blunt instead of a bottle."
This is my first time discovering your blog, thanks to, and am happy to say that I am a woman that participates in this delightful activity, and am proud to know many more as well.
Cheers! :D


smoking photos are always so beautiful! and hannah holmann looks lovely :) sounds like an interesting article, i'm going to read it now ♥

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