Tuesday, September 28, 2010


1. ingrid 2 peanut butter goo and 3. peanut butter goo (vivid)

I keep on intending to post these and then I forget. I have a Canon S90, which is supposed to the best wannabe-DSLR camera. It probably is fantastic, but I am not making use of its potential. I have to work on my relationship with my camera.

I'm still confident in my decision to keep this anonymous. After the blog was stripped of my personal details, I surprised myself with how relieved I felt. Though frankly, I hate the fact that I feel sheepish and hesitant about blogging on weed on a personal level. But unfortunately, the culture inevitably influences our actions. Or at least mine. Ew, I sound like a pseudo-intellectual, I'll stop. Anyways, hopefully in the not-too-distant future things will begin to turn around (understatement) - California Proposition 19 in November offers one glimmer of hope.

In other news, I went to a new club today and picked up a strain, Delta Nine. The smell is out of this world, and I've only tried it once, but thus far it is hands down my favorite strain ever. Photos and review coming soon. Oh, and click here to get those free "Make Marijuana Legal" stickers from the Drug Policy Alliance.


Anna said...

I personally, thought it was nice that you mixed your knowledge/interest in weed with your personal life. But I understand where you are coming from.
My friends and I are looking to go amsterdam next month! So excited to be able to smoke in public!


aurora. said...

cool post i like that your blog is totally anonomous its kinda cool although im trying to be more open with mine

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sorry im so late in replying back :)

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