Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mary Jane Review: BLUE DREAM

Just took a hit of Blue Dream before starting this review. I'm also listening to John Mayer and drinking green tea. A completely non-threatening stoner, doing a completely non-threatening activity, causing no trouble for anyone. How novel! Anyways, on with the review.

Type: Sativa
Purchased: Eighth
Where: San Diego (Delta Nine Healing)
Instrument: Pipe

Texture: Blue Dream is soft and fluffy. It's easy to pull apart and breaks into long, beautiful pieces. Did I mention it's soft? And super fluffy?

Looks: There is a gray-ish, silver-ish tint that covers these Blue Dream nuggets. As a result, the green and orange is is very subdued. The strain is a lot denser than my usual Sativa, but because it is soft there remains an airy quality to it.

Smell: Flawless. Absolutely amazing. There is a sweet, minty quality to it - perhaps like pine (which is perfect for the fall season)!

Taste: It is musty and rich. The aftertaste is stellar, there is a slightsweet hint of what you just smoked, but it doesn't linger too long.

Buzz: Strong and immediate. This Blue Dream is the perfect blend of body high and head high. Because it is a Sativa, I definitely feel the head high first. I find that as you take hits, the body high kicks in, until there is a perfect balance. I would say for me, this would be more of a recreational buzz rather than a buzz that remedies any specific ailment. Sometimes you never really know until you try the weed.

Buzz Length: Four strong hits, two small hits, lasted way over an hour.

Grade: A+

I picked up this strain of Blue Dream in San Diego, at Delta Nine Healing. It was my first time there, in fact my first time at a medicinal marijuana dispensary in the city. I'll admit, no matter what I want to think about dispensaries I know there are some pretty sketchy ones out there. When I first started purchasing weed at clubs, I would research for hours on Google, reading reviews and making sure I wasn't heading through a dark alleyway towards my doom. Well, luckily that hasn't happened to me - far from it. I've only been impressed with marijuana dispensaries, and Delta Nine Healing is no exception. It got rave reviews on Weed Maps so I decided to give it a shot. As soon as I arrived and saw the wide open space, clean waiting area, and friendly guy at the desk, I was relieved. I even had a great conversation with a woman at the front desk, who let me know about networks of women in marijuana around San Diego. Not only that, the strains are of AMAZING quality. Seriously, this Blue Dream is fantastic. Burns slowly, smooth smoke, great taste, incredible high, I could go on.

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