Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Caramel Heart

As mentioned before, I'm not the biggest fan of edibles - I still have to try an edible that actually tastes good. I've tried chocolate chip cookie dough made with cannabutter, the requisite weed brownies, and some weird fruity drink I didn't like. I'm always willing to prove myself wrong (well, sometimes), so on my last visit to my new favorite club I picked up this hard candy made with hemp oil. It's made local in San Diego, tastes like caramel, and shaped like a heart. What could be better, right? I think it's the heart that sold me. And, the friendly guy gave it to me for half-price.
I immediately cut the candy in half and saw the dark, rich center seeped with the goodness of hemp oil. That center is slightly bitter, it is biting, but it contrasts well with the surrounding sweet caramel. It's a hard candy so it lasts awhile until it melts in your mouth, resulting in a high that arrives gradually and subtly.
This high is not for the impatient. If that doesn't describe you, good news! After about 45 minutes and half of a caramel heart, I starting to feel a soft, flirty high. It's subtle, but I like that. Sometimes I don't want to feel high, I just want to feel a little less on edge - this is perfect for that. But then again, I could just smoke a really small bowl to have that same effect - which I prefer to the taste of caramel - so I give it a B. But since this is coming from someone who in general does not like edibles, objectively speaking it may be an A. No, A-.

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Now this I really want to try!


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