Monday, August 30, 2010


As I previewed in my last post, my latest purchase was Peanut Butter Goo - and who wouldn't love a strain of Peanut Butter-inspired weed? only yummy thoughts come to mind. i tried it for the first time, here is the low down.

Type: Indica
Purchased: Eighth
Instrument: Pipe

Texture: dry, rough, and slightly stuff - a bit like Styrofoam.

Looks: Olive green calyx scattered along with forest-green and yellow-green sprinklings, completely smothered in those high-inducing trichromes.

Smell: Peanut Butter. I'm not kidding, it smells like peanut butter. Perhaps this it due to the power of suggestion (very possible), but i'm going to assume not. there is a slightly buttery smell to it, even slightly sweet.

Taste: Yum! It tastes sweet and biting - at first you feel good, but then it becomes a little sharp. It is as if a blue bird landed on your shoulder and sang a beautiful song - a little too loudly in your ear.

Buzz: It's lighter than other strains i have had, which is fantastic if that is the mood you are in. it doesn't leave you tired or unproductive. i feel a little clear headed and simply relaxed. i feel very put together, and i think it's the perfect weed to unwind to. perhaps it's best comparable to a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Buzz Length: 1 bowl = 45 min-1 hour (the high lasts just the right amount of time, i think easily adjustable).

Grade: B+

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